Disability Care

Home Care and Nurse Aides for Adults with Care Needs

If you are permanently physically challenged or have a short-term disability due to an automobile accident or other incident, The Care Registry can assist you with your daily living tasks and help you remain autonomous and have an independent lifestyle.

Our professional caregivers and nurse aides have cared for hundreds of patients and have the experience to provide you with helpful and compassionate care.

A few of the daily activities our caregivers and nurse aides can provide to you, or your loved one, include:

  • Giving companionship and personal care
  • Providing laundry and light housekeeping services
  • Assisting with bathing and dressing
  • Preparing meals, serving meals and cleaning up
  • Running errands and shopping
  • Escorting to appointments
  • Providing bathroom assistance
  • Assisting with activities
  • May be eligible for long-term care (LTC) insurance reimbursement

The Care Registry can provide hourly home care or live-in, 24-hour care.

Cost of Hourly Home Care

We are able to offer competitive and affordable pricing because we keep our overhead low and we have small offices. Our care-givers and nurse aides receive higher wages, and therefore have higher job satisfaction.

Please contact our office so we can discuss your specific needs and develop a cost effective plan to meet your goals


We can help to coordinate and manage care, advocate for the client, and help ensure the most independent lifestyle possible.


Please see other home care prices for more information on pricing.

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